Happy Birthday Gazza

Today is Paul Gascoigne’s 54th birthday. 25 years ago, Gazza, probably the most gifted English footballer I have ever seen, scored possibly my favourite goal of all time against Scotland at Euro 96.

And even though the football season has just finished, in a couple of weeks’ time, everyone will be going football crazy again, as the delayed 2020 European Championships begin. And it won’t just be football fans going crazy, it will be brands too. Every single brand will be associating themselves to football in posts, ads and PR, however tenuous, jumping on the Euro bandwagon.

The problem is, none of these associations will feel genuine.

And when it comes to marketing, being genuine, honest and authentic is the most important thing. People are not stupid and will know when a brand is not being genuine. Any business needs to find its Unique Selling Proposition – USP – what differentiates it from its competitors – and base their marketing around that.

So who do you know who hasn’t identified their USP, who is struggling to find their authenticity? Let me help them find it.

So, Happy Birthday Gazza – god knows how you made it to 54. And good luck to England in the Euros. And I am being genuine there.

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