So, what is a Marketing Consultant?

So, what is a Marketing Consultant?

Well, imagine a football team, where the players are your different marketing activities. The strikers are your flamboyant social media channels, claiming all the glory. The defenders are your no messing around, brochure and website. The midfield are the creative part of the team, breaking up play and doing things others may not have considered.

As the owner, you are the Chairman, the chief executive. You know how to run the business, but you may not know how to get the best out of your team of marketing activities. You may have a great forwards coach, managing your social media. You may have a great defensive coach, who has built you a kick-ass website. However, without the Manager, how can you ensure that all the members of the team play together and achieve your goals?

This is why you need a Manager. Or a Marketing Consultant. Someone who will ensure all members of your team of marketing activities and aiming for the same goal. So do you know an owner-managed business which needs a strategy to coordinate its team of marketing activities? Introduce me and I can help them achieve their goals and beat the opposition.

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