Let me see the baby!

There’s a famous marketing quote: “Clients don’t care about the labour pains; they want to see the baby.”

When selling yourself to potential customers or clients, it is very easy to tell them about all the services you offer or all the products you sell.

But what the customer really wants to know is:
“How will this make me feel?”
“How will this solve my problem?”

Benefits, not Features.

I can help you identify what benefits you offer your clients and communicate that message to them – online, in print or in person.

This week my ideal referral would be Business Service providers – accountants, solicitors, financial advisers. Traditionally, companies like these tell you all about the myriad services and products they offer, but rarely tell you how they will make you feel. What the benefit to you will be. I can help them communicate that message.

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Show me the baby!