Just like a house, your marketing needs strong foundations

If you were having a house built, you would not go up to the builder and say, “Hey, don’t worry about the foundations. I already know exactly how I want my kitchen laid out, and OMG, you should see what I have planned for the en-suite.”

The foundations set out the footprint of the house and give strength and support to everything that is built on top.

Well, it’s exactly the same with marketing. A well thought out and planned marketing strategy are your foundations. Without this in place, you should not be saying “Oh, I’m getting a kick-ass website developed and the social posts we are putting out are hilarious.”

Without the strategy in place, how do you know that the message you are getting out there is correct, you are communicating to the right people and you are communicating on the right media?

I can make sure you get a marketing strategy in place which dictates what goes on top, supporting it and strengthening it.

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Marketing needs strong foundations