The name’s Rogers. Rick Rogers.

Last weekend I went to see the new Bond film. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. Except to say that it left me little bit, “M’eh”.

Essentially, the film makers had forgotten about their “Core Product”. The “Actual Product” was there. Car chases. Guns & fights. Exotic locations. Over the top villains. All the physical attributes needed to make a Bond film were there. But they had forgotten their “core product”. What makes Bond, Bond. And why people go to see the films in the first place.

It is no different for your product or service. People are not so interested in the physical attributes which make up your offering – the Actual Product. They want to know how it will make them feel, what the benefits to them will be. This is the Core Product.

If you would like me to help you discover your Core Product, and not leave your customers feeling a bit “M’eh”, get in touch.

The name's Rogers. Rick Rogers.
Blood on the barrel of a gun – James Bond style