Happy Birthday Kim. But have you been into space like Mae?

Today is Kim Kardashian’s 40th birthday and her 255 million Instagram followers will be sending their regards.

On Sunday it was the 65th birthday of Dr Mae Jemison. She has degrees in chemical engineering, African-American studies and medicine, served as a doctor in the peace corps in Liberia and Sierra Leone, joined NASA, founded a technology research company and a charity, wrote several children’s books and appeared in Star Trek. Oh yeah, and she was the first black woman in space. Unfortunately her birthday was missed by her 54 thousand Twitter followers.

There is one thing that Kim Kardashian is better at than Mae Jemison though (other than the skill of being born to very rich parents). She is a genius at marketing.

You see, in this world you get “doers” and you get “tellers”. Well, I am normally a “doer” but today I will be a “teller” and tell you that I can bring that marketing genius to you. You are no doubt all “doers” and have achieved Mae-like in your particular industries but I can help you be a “teller” and get the recognition and the profits you deserve.

So talk to me and become both a “doer” and a “teller”.

And, in fairness to Kim, she does still have another 25 years to reach Mae’s level of achievement.

Get in touch.

Space Cake