To rule the world, it takes a little patience

Mark Owen, otherwise known as the little one from Take That, is 50 today. God, that makes me feel old!

In honour of this I am going to attempt to get as many Take That song titles into this post as possible. There are 10 to spot.

These days, to be an effective Marketing Consultant, you have to be creative from Sunday to Saturday, never forget what you have learnt over the years, but always be prepared to try something new and listen to others’ feedback for good-practice marketing strategy.

But as a client you need patience. It’s no good doing a one-off marketing activity in isolation and then sit back and pray the sales come in. Your marketing strategy needs to be ongoing and consistent across all media – print, digital, experiential – only then can you truly shine.

If you let me help you plan your marketing strategy and then implement that plan across all media, you will soon see the flood of new customers coming in, and your business can truly rule the world.

So give me a call today. It could be the greatest day you ever have!

Good marketing take a little patience